Emsisoft Anti-Malware Android (1 Device)

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About this item Emsisoft Mobile Security The best protection for your Android mobile device



The mobile devices we use are devices we use to manage our lives on the go


They can be modified to behave just as a PC infected. They’re not PCs, but… They are linked to nearly all we use.


Mobile devices are with us everywhere We carry them in our pockets and purses. They provide us with information about our destinations, entertain us, and make us feel connected, regardless of where we are or with whom we are.


Emsisoft Mobile Security has been created to safeguard your privacy from the threats lurking on the internet.Emsisoft Anti-Malware Android (1 Device)- validkeygen.com

Emsisoft’s unique benefits

Emsisoft Mobile Security is our first reaction to the world of malware on mobile devices. It’s a revolutionary antivirus solution that is designed specifically for Android devices and focuses on minimal to no battery or system impact. It also provides access to numerous security functions to help you enjoy a better and safer Android experience.

Secure your Android tablet and smartphone from threats lurking online on the Internet.

The features include:

  • Scans all files for malware infection
  • Real-time security which blocks harmful applications when they are downloaded
  • Internet Protection that blocks access to potentially dangerous websites
  • Anti-Theft to secure or wipe the device remotely in case it is it is stolen or lost.


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