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Adobe Media Server 5 Standard software lets you reach a broad video audience on Adobe Flash Player compatible and iOS devices. New on-demand and live HTTP delivery simplifies your publishing workflow and gets you started quickly.



Adobe Media Server 5 software lets you reach a large audience via video across iOS, Android, and connected devices via the internet Live and on-demand HTTP delivery makes publishing easier process and allows you to start quickly. Adobe Media Server utilizes several formats like HLS along with the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to playback and ingest video. Adobe created RTMP in 2002, and at the time, 90% of the videos streaming on the internet used RTMP. Today, RTMP is a fundamental format and the basis of live web video by businesses such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others. It is the Adobe Media Server has, and will continue to be the most popular RTMP video server for corporate clients, consumers around the world universities, governments, and other institutions.

Adobe Media Server 5 Standard software allows you to stream video and audio across Web mobile, as well as other devices that are connected. Live and on-demand HTTP delivery lets you get going quickly and streamline your publishing workflow.

Adobe Media Server 5 Standard software allows you to stream video and audio in order to reach a large video viewership across Web mobile, other devices. It works with the Adobe Flash(r) Player compatible and iOS devices. The new on-demand and live HTTP delivery makes publishing easier workflow and lets you get quick and efficient in the publishing process.Adobe Media Server Standard-

Robust Media Origin Services

Control the workflow of your media publishing Add redundancy, manage access and security, manage QoS and access advanced features for video players, and make use of cloud services by running your own media source for streaming broadcasts.

HTTP Streaming for Web and Mobile

      • High-quality life and on-demand video to your devices and HTML5-enabled browsers that can support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video formats that have fully adaptive bitrate that can be utilized without interruption.
      • Flash over HTTP is a great option for videos with short-forms
      • HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) with the F4F format, which is based on the industry standard MPEG-4 that is which is supported by Flash Player and Adobe AIR. F4F allows material protection using Adobe Access software.

One Encode for Multiple Devices

Speed up publishing, lower storage costs and save time by publishing the video one time and let Adobe Media Server 5 optimize your content to support HTTP delivery with fully adaptable bitrate capabilities.

Packaging on-demand for HTTP

Provide video for HTTP streaming without having to prepare the content prior to time. On-demand packaging helps publishing by only requiring a single set of video files that can be delivered to numerous devices, with or without Flash Player installed.


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