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About this item Our most secure backup program of all time! The backup software against data loss because of ransomware and system flaws Don’t give a chance to internet blackmailers and racketeers! With Ashampoo ® Backup Pro 14, viruses, ransomware, or windows flaws lose their threats! Experience an easy-to-use but powerful backup software. The new…



No matter if it’s ransomware, a software defect, or a system flaw A backup can benefit!

You can be sure to stay safe With Ashampoo (r) Backup Pro 14. This backup program constantly tests itself, as well as the medium in which backups are stored. Because of the automated checking, mistakes in backups are virtually eliminated! The backup engine of the future was tested inspected thoroughly and optimized in close collaboration with support and a variety of clients. Cloud-based cloud backup services have been extensively modified to benefit you personally! It’s never been this simple, easy, and efficient to back up to the cloud! Utilize the safest backup system, the most compatible and pleasant Ashampoo (r) backup system at any time!

More security by checking the hard drive

No further backup issues due to the constant monitoring.

Each backup will only last as long as the drive it is saved on! So, Ashampoo (r) Backup Pro 14 offers you a complete and new analysis of your hard drive, which can be activated with only one click. During the process, SMART data are scanned and can indicate problems before they become critical! When a second drive or partition, your storage media is examined thoroughly and (if required) repaired. No matter if it’s an external or internal drive, ensure maximum protection for the storage device!Ashampoo Backup Pro 14-

Better backup to the cloud

Supports all the most popular providers and storage methods.

The Ashampoo (r) Backup Pro 14 allows you to store and protect data on the cloud an easy task! The selection of cloud service providers indeed is the best. This makes losing data almost impossible and stay away entirely from your personal storage media! This isn’t just for backups of normal data and backups of all partitions of the hard drive are also feasible. The compatibility of OneDrive corporate / Office 365, Owncloud, and Nextcloud is now improved. Some of the most popular providers such as Dropbox, German Telekom, Google Drive, OneDrive, Strato, 1&1, and many more are also available to use easily.

Full access and understanding with the backup viewer

Access backups without having to open them.

Backups should be easily accessible and accessible anytime. So, the Ashampoo (r) Backup Pro 14 offers you a section that gives you easy access to your backups. This means you can have access to all the files and data from a backup without needing the task of restoring them. Furthermore, access to data is performed in a secured section which ensures that backups themselves do not change or be damaged by the process.

To take Windows (r) updates of their threat

If “everything was better in the past” return to the status of before.

Updates are crucial for each PC, but often, they’re not perfect. If they are not the Windows (r) updates are full of bugs and flaws that the system may not function after it, and the loss of data is likely or it fails to start in any way. In this situation, you could consider “yesterday everything worked”. Thanks to with the benefit provided by Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro 14, your computer will be restored to the same state! You will be able to rest even in the event of any updates to your OS, the security program, or critical programs. Your PC will be protected!

In between updates? Unnecessary!

The benefits are the advantages Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro strategy

The majority of other competing programs have to be launched in the event of an update. Then they usually bring the entire system to a halt. When you use Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro 14 this will not happen! Since a backup program performs at its best when you don’t even notice it is working in any way, but your backup is kept current. So, Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro 14 is continuously working without interruption to your work. The program analyzes the RAM use of your system and makes use of it with satisfying power. It is possible to use your PC as normal and the backup program works quietly, however it will work reliably!

Guaranteed to be secure against every type of malware

It is not a good time to try ransomware or computer viruses, worms and viruses

Every kind of malware is a threat to computers at all times. Experts estimate that there are around 300,000 malware threats around the world, that are being released every day! Special ransomware that forces users to pay for access to their data is common. Not all malware can be detected and eradicated by antivirus software! With a backup, you can be sure of your security. If your system has been infected, you can create a safe and clean backup. Done!Ashampoo Backup Pro 14-

Not just for professionals.

Technology for business that is accessible to everyone

Central security strategies for the backup are created for a business version to meet the strict guidelines for competent use. The extremely reliable backup engine, flexible backup scheduler, and excellent encryption are highly appreciated by the managers of large businesses. Therefore, you should use well-qualified protection for your computer!

“The “knight in shining armor” with UEFI support

A practical rescue system designed to assist in the rescue of operating systems

If computers are infected by e.g. ransomware, or have problems with the hard disk, often, operating systems cannot be saved. Much better is a complete backup! A system that is inherent to the program will allow the PC to boot regardless of whether it’s started via a DVD or USB drive. With its help, the backup will be restored and the PC will start without issue. It will stop lost data and complex reinstallations are not necessary!

Easy and quick with every step

With just one click, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date, perfect backup!

To use Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro 14 there is no need for technical knowledge before. With only a couple of inputs, even the most complex backups can be made! All settings are described within the program. For classic applications such as e.g. backups of your email browsers, or contact lists there are a variety of default options. Choose what you would like to do and let the program take care of the task.

You can store your data anywhere you’d like!

If it’s in internal hard drives or on the cloud Ashampoo(r) backup is completely customizable!

Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro 14 keeps your data safe on all kinds of hard drives or USB flash drives, network drives, or even in the cloud. Image backups utilize the recently developed “Infinite Reverse Incremental” technology that only requires a tiny amount of disk space. Compared to rival products, you could save up to 50% disc space.

Automatically secure

Always a backup that is up-to-date just a few clicks

If you wish, Ashampoo(r) Backup Pro will automatically create backups within the backup mode (auto backup). Once it is activated, you won’t need to perform any additional inputs. Your computer will remain at the same speed it was before. The backup process will be stopped when the software recognizes that you require all the performance of your computer! The process will be restarted once there are sufficient resources.


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